Emergency Services

Active Care Emergency Medical Services


Active Care had been providing service for over 15 years. It is a technology and service provider that renders real-time visibility to health conditions and risk. Active Care has a unique active approach in caring for members, resulting in improved outcomes.

Medical Services

Valenzuela Citicare Medical Center


Valenzuela Citicare Medical Center has been in operation for a year. It is Level 2 Tertiary hospital with 100 bed capacity.

Water Integrity

Environmental Health Laboratory
Services Cooperative

Environmental-Health Laboratory Services Cooperative had been in service for 15 years, holding its vision to be the leading provider in analytical services of water quality monitoring as mandated by the government.

Waste Management

Clean Haul Environmental Services, Inc.

Located in Pasig City, Clean Haul is a corporation duly licensed to engage in the business of proper waste disposal management.